there is a difference between killing and eating food and killing an
animal, bathing in its blood on certain holidays, and burning its
remains to a God.

What you consider good and evil or normal and weird comes from the society you were brought up in.
Killing an animal and eating it is considered normal in our society, while killing it and burning it for gods isn’t.
It makes sense to those who believe in it, just like you believe in Jesus and all that stuff.
Humans evolved from the same roots as every single life form on this planet. Why don’t we consider killing and eating humans normal in our society?
Remember, your views are not superior. The western civilization is not superior. It is equal to any other society.
It just happens that one thinks their opinion is right and superior just because they were raised like that.
To Amish people we are all sinners and we will go to hell. Even you. See you there, amigo. :D

during the age of exploration

I call it colonial era. :D


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