Maslenitsa is celebrated in Volyn. Announcement of celebration in Lutsk city http://www.volynpost.com/news/27184-u-lucku–narodni-guliannia-masliana

Maslenitsa originated during in pre-Christian times.  Maslenitsa (Masnitsa or Maslyana in Ukrainian) is one most beloved traditional celebrations of Ukrainians. An article on the subject : http://mue.etnolog.org.ua/zmist/2007/53.pdf

Modern Maslenitsa is associated with religious celebration. My guess it was not encouraged after 1917 and was more popular before 1917. Although, it was celebrated during Soviet era. I remember animated movie on Maslenitsa.

Here are paintings of Maslenitsa celebrations many of which were painted in the 19th century

Maslyana in Volyn



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