@srdceleva ofc it will be understood. People will understand if I show a gesture like im dringing glass of water. But that wasnt the point. Also please, dont call me primitive just because i point out the obvious fact about complexity. 

“If you went back in time and visited a pagan family and gave them a gold coin or some food, I’m pretty sure they would treat you like a friend or a family member.”  

– well, this didnt change much since then. If you come with a sword, you die by a sword. If you come in peace, you will be fed and sheltered. We (Slovaks) are quite a peaceful nation (sometimes too much peaceful) but if some foreigner shows up and be violent then hes going to be treated violently. If he came in peace then he is indeed going to be treated like a family member. This is rooted in the minds of the people to this day. 


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