Murder is an extreme. Extremes usually don’t make good examples. But whatever. It’s still relative.

You believe that killing humans is objectively wrong, because you were raised to believe that. Most people around the world were raised to believe that.
We know that killing is “wrong” since our ancestors. We are social species just like most if not all mammals. Social behavior led us to realize that the strength of our tribe depends on its members. We need each other in order to survive.
When we started forming larger groups, cities, civilizations, we applied this rule to it.
Unfortunately, despite of this, it didn’t work between civilizations. There were countless wars.

Never mind, the situation is pretty stable now.
Our democratic society doesn’t approve murder in any case.
That doesn’t mean it’s objective, even though I agree with it just like you or @srdceleva

For example, our society thinks that Muslim women in the Middle East are opressed. However, many Muslim women don’t see it the same way as we do.

Or another and better example, the Amish people. I mentioned them a while ago.
They believe that people shouldn’t sing unless the lyrics are about God.
They believe that rhythmic music is a work of the Devil and they dislike drums.
They believe that drinking alcohol is wrong. What weirdos…
They believe a lot of other things and finally, they believe that what they believe is objectively right.

And I support this idea. Every society has its own set of rights and wrongs and we should accept the fact that our opinion is not superior.

This conversation doesn’t lead to any conclusions.
Let’s close this topic. We all have different opinions and it’s not going to change.

Oh, and my final thought:
Both of you think that right and wrong are absolute, yet if you went deeper and compared your opinions, they would start dissolving. :)


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