when I say Judeo Im speaking about B.C times when Jews actually were following the right faith  D 

Wait, you think the Old Testament is no longer valid for them? An interesting thought. Reminds me of an interesting movie as well – God on Trial – about a bunch of Jews in a possibly not-quite-Polish concentration camp during WW2, discussing whether Abraham’s Covenant was still “legally” valid. I certainly recommend it.

And, btw, will people stop referring to Ibn Fadlan’s account of the Rus in Volga Bulgaria as pertaining to the Slavs? It does not – the Rus there are almost universally regarded as Varangians (i.e. Norsemen) and definitely not Saqaliba (although Ibn Fadlan puts the Volga Bulgars themselves as Saqaliba, which is quite strange however you look at it).


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