@”Kapitán Denis”  laws of physics predictably change under certain circumstances just like whats right and whats wrong changes with each given situation
the bible was never ever meant to be a science book and was never read like that. Christians views of it didnt change because of science. I dont want to quote people all the time because Im just repeating myself. I already quoted st.augustine from the 4th century saying the bible isnt meant to be take as a science book. 

The author of genesis clearly states that the sun was created on the fourth day to dictate the days times and years. It means the first three days were metaphors not actual 24 hour days. The author purposefully did this. You and many other people have the modern day view that Christian before science came around believed the bible to be 100 percent literal and not a science book. These are the same unimformed views that people have saying things like the church taught the earth was flat. Im not debating whether God exists or not but just stating how this is actually not true. 

Yes weve always been reasonably respectful, obviously I dont believe in any kind of force, as Ive said multiple times I respect athiests and can understand why they believe things they do. I just dont agree with them and I dont like the condescending attitude many have thinking you cant be educated and intelligent and believe in God, all the while acting like they have 100 percent knowledge of how everything works.

I wouldn’t like to live in a world where everyone has the same opinion about everything.

I agree im also against some kind of one world order, it was a mistake communists made trying to force everyone to be athiests. 


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