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The description “If it moves, it’s life.” is primitive and inaccurate.
To say what’s life and what isn’t is harder than anyone thinks.

I am now following three court cases regarding this same situation. Are these people are alive or should their machines be turned off, allowing them to die? How would you rule if you were the judge? The Pope would say they are alive.

Jahi McMath was declared death by the state of California. Her mother said if her heart beats, she is alive. She can even move her foot. A California hospital says she is dead and should be removed from life support. What do you think? Is Jahi alive?


Is Alfie Evans alive? His case is currently being heard in Liverpool High Court. Scans show 70% of his brain has mysteriously died and brain cavity is filled with water. His parents say he is alive. Alfie is 13 months old and has been on feeding tube and vent since December 2016. His parents want to fly him to Italy for further treatment. 

Alfie with his father. The doctors say Alfie’s movements are just spinal nerve reactions. His brain is not directing these movements.

Baby Isaiah Haastrup. Is he alive? Judge concludes with ‘profound sadness’ it’s not in boy’s best interests to continue treatment (life support). The parents are appealing. 


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