@Dušan Where did you get that book? Ive never seen one and honestly dont know, maybe my dad would know something about it. Religious books were hard to come by during communism so I imagine older ones like that must be pretty valuable. 

Lutherans contributed a lot to Slovakia and to the Slovak cause at the end of the day. Just a big majority of them were very pro czech at one point, probably because czechs were pretty opposed to the Catholic church and supported them. I mean at the end of the day, Ludovit Stur a Lutheran was one of the biggest proponents of Slovak language and culture. My mothers Slovak side was actually Lutheran not Catholic, so that part of history is in my family as well. 

Im actually suprised how well slovak culture is preserved in Serbia, I wouldve though slovaks would have assimilated a long time ago considering serbian language isnt that different. I mean croats in slovakia have basically all been assimilated. 


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