Are these people are alive or should their machines be turned off, allowing them to die?

Can’t watch the videos now. Are they brain dead?
There are multiple definitions of “life” we use from the point of view of humans.
From the biological point of view, those people are still alive. Their cells work without a problem. Except the brain.
However, they’re not able to recover from that state (at least for now) and live normal human life. In this case we see it as a misery.

I don’t know to what extent their brains work, or if they’re conscious at all.

How would you rule if you were the judge?

I wouldn’t like to be the judge. I guess I would let the family decide. Although it’s pointless to keep one on life support just like to pour water on a dead plant.


the bigger question is “What is sentience/consciousness?”

Chemical and electrical reactions inside nervous system.
Plants don’t have a nervous system like we do. They’re not conscious.

When it comes to the question, if we are able to produce an AI that is conscious just like a human being, it is possible, but not right now.
We don’t know how exactly brain works.
We are just in the beginnings.
We could either create synthetic neurons that would work like the “living” ones. Or we could create a brain simulator (software).
The software brain shouldn’t be just a couple of functions that would mimic the “output” of a brain, but a whole set of digital neurons that would do the stuff they’re supposed to.
I guess something like this already exists:

I guess the biggest problem is that living beings are created by genes, so I think the best way would be to synthesize (or softwarize :D) DNA.

I’m not capable to understand most of this myself, because I’m not a scientist, but I know that theoretically it is possible.


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