I looked at MeisterSinger’s (Swiss company) single hand watches. They have a range of them automatic and non-automatic. They are better than Luch single hand with 19 jewels , waterproof, sapphire glass. Probably better mechanism. Although . Luch is owned by Swiss company too. I don’t know if Swiss mechanism are used. I’ve seen Luch using Japanese Miyota on some watches.

MeisterSinger single hand cost between $1,350-$2,500. Luch single hand cost $70.

Do you like  design of this watch? https://www.ebay.com/itm/Luch-Handwinding-Mechanical-Watch-Swiss-Belarus-Luch-Franck-Muller-9-designs/282759611760?hash=item41d5c94570:m:mRyrMXNVx1T67lD4V_vUieQ


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