I’ve been researching the best Automatic “dress” watches under AU$200 or US$200, in particular I’m looking at the minimalist classic ranges that can be both “dressed up” or “dressed down” and offer affordable solutions for a premium look, or for the avid watch collector.  In general, I think these watches can “age” quite well.  I’ve watched a few Youtube clips from Watchdealers, and read a few articles.

Although these are not slavic brands, I thought I would point out the ones I’ve liked so far, not in any order:

1. Orient Bambino Version 3 – White/Silver Dial or Grey Dial. 
Orient watches have their own Automatic movement installed made in Japan, apparently a decent quality.  It would be the cheapest dress watch with its own movement, so for a watch collector, this is a pretty cool time piece as you’re getting something original under the skin.



2. Orient Bambino Version 4 – Blue Dial and Black Leather or Grey Dial with Brown leather. 
As per above, these Automatic watches have an improved internal original Orient Automatic movement and a more “bold” finish in comparison to Version 3, with the latter a more minimalist feel.

3. Reef Tiger Classico Range – Heritor and Heritage range.
These include a number of Automatic watches that have a premium feel and finish for an affordable price.  


4. Seagull – Rider and Rodina Watch
Ok, so if you like the Original Glashutte minimalist style watch, then there not many cheaper well finished Automatics that are in this style.  The best I could find is the Seagull – Rodina watch and its Rider range, again, more for those that like the minimalist style. Again, this has its own Seagull Automatic movement, and for its price, it cannot be beaten in this style.



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