Probably because the Chuvashes are the descendants of the Sabirs (Suvars in the Late Middle Ages)? And the Sabirs are considered to be a Hunnic tribe, which was first part of Old Great Bulgaria (Eastern Ukraine/Southern Russia) and then moved north to the Volga-Kama area with Kotrag’s Bulgars (and in the first few centuries of Volga Bulgaria, the Sabirs, Barsils, Esegels etc lived separately in their own autonomous states, until they were eventually swallowed by the expanding Volga Bulgaria, making it even a more colourful mix than the Balkan one). And the Turkic presence in the region appears primarily around the 13th c., due to the Kypchaks (Polovtsi, in Russian) and the pressure from the Mongols.

Btw, funny, one of the books I’m currently reading is exactly a history of Volga Bulgaria.


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