This thread has touched an interesting topic… 

Has there been any study on any related words between Modern Bulgarian and Oghur?  Or Bulgarian and other East Iranic or Turkic languages?

I’ve always thought for example, quite a common word in both Macedonian and Bulgarian, such as “sakash” and “iskash” as not necessarily slavic, and they sound foreign, maybe even from the East like Turkic or Iranic, or are they from some older local dialect from a Thraco-Ilyrian language?  Its not remotely similar to Albanian, which claim to be descendants of the Ilyrians.

I’ll give you an example in context:

English: “What do you want?”

Macedonian: “Sto sakash?”
Bulgarian: “Sto iskash?”

Serb-Croat: “Sta hochesh?
Russian: “Sto ti khotite?”
Ukrainian: “Sto ti khochesh?”


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