If there is any information on the subject, then it will be likely published in Russian. So google search or discussion of the subject on appropriate discussion board.

Hypothesis Savir , Suvar > Chuvash was supported by several scholars. Historian Anton Salmin  (not a linguist) in reference to another linguist Bolshakov writes:

Этимологи предлагают следующую сокращённую схему происхождения этнонима чăваш «чуваш»: савир → сувар → сувас → суваш → чăваш. О. Г. Большаков также считает верной указанную схему. В частности, он уточняет, что арабское ‘с’ часто заменяет отсутствующий в арабском языке звук ‘ч’, отсюда: суваз → чуваз → чуваш

As per respected historian specialising on history of Chuvashia, etymologists (unknown which) make an assumption about origins of ethnonym Chavasch ‘Chuvasch’: savir >suvar>suvas>suvasch>chavasch.

If scholars make assumptions about etymology of ethnonym Chuvasch, then all of them agree on the fact that Chuvash language descended from the language of Volgar Bulgars.  Given names of Volga Bulgars, inscriptions on graves of Bulgars and other linguistic evidence point to the fact that Volga Bulgars spoke Turkic language related to modern day Chuvash language.

The Chuvash and the Bulgars according to Ibn Fadlan by Kovalevsky published in 1954. http://suvar.org/books/kovalyevskiy_a._p._chuvashi_i_bulgarih.pdf

If you read Russian, there’s plenty of material on the subject.


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