Ukraine Goddesses via a Ukraine website called moonshaman.com and translated from the original language – Article by Levgeniia

Heading to Trypillya’s museum, Archaeological excavations confirm that there were settlement and burial ground belonging to the Zarubintsy culture in the 2nd century bce, and Old Slavic pagan temple of the 6th century too. They assume that there was a sanctuary of the Great Goddess. It is possible that the nine hemispherical indentations for ritual offerings to the deity, symbolizing the nine months of a woman’s gestation. The locals say that if a woman makes an offering, the Goddess will help her to conceive a baby.

3 x 3 is 9 and that is ancient symbol of the trinitarian goddess which is unfolding in the nine months required for the emergence of a new life into this world. 9 offerings, 9 elements, 9 spells for a new destiny. If you’re going to go here, you should take milk and living grains as gifts to the goddesses.

An strange but interesting fact is that in sanctuaries that dedicated to Perun but its obvious the sanctuary is of female goddesses because of the 9 fireplaces for offerings. Similar nine-fire sanctuary were discovered in the ancient settlement of the old Ryazan. During excavations in Novgorod, there was discovered the same ritual complex consistency of nine water wells of the goddess.

Similar to the Devich Mountain altar, dating from the beginning of the 10th century ce, was excavated in Moravia (chateu Pohansko), but no signs of fire pits. The memories of the sanctuary were left in the name Devin of two mountains nearby and the name of the River Dyje (Goddess).

More broadly, the mountains are called Devic in Zdolbuniv. There is the mountain called “Maiden Rock” in the Ternopil region. There are mountains with the same name in the Czech Republic, Slovenia, and Poland. There is “Panieńskie Skały” in Kraków. Even in Kiev the famous Bald Mountain on the banks of Lybid was sometime called Devich-Mountain. This was mentioned in the book by I.I. Fundukley (Kiev), written in 1847: “Moreover, remember the two mountains over Dnipro at the mouth of Lybid: one of them is located on the right bank, in the old days was called Divich Mountain, and the other, on the left bank Busovitsa or mountain Busov” (Zaika, 2005). Scholars think perhaps Bald Mountain is actually the remains of ancient cult worship of a female deity Diva.

Of particular interest is the fact that at the foot of the Kiev Bald Mountain was earlier a small lake, where according to the legend mermaids were found. And on hills of the mountain there grows plenty of Elderberry bushes. Both birches and fruit trees are almost entirely absent and gone now. Observing all over the mountain there was only one birch tree on a small hill. Now there are arranged the sanctuary of Lada by the Rodnovers (the followers of Slavic Native faith).

Nonetheless, Bald Mountain in Kiev is the the domain of Mokosh. Those who have been there, perhaps, will agree to that. Enchanted forest with deep ravines seems to be shrouded in mystery. Even on sunny days the coolness and shade reigns here. In the period of August-September here you can collect delicious elderberry for magic tinctures. Not so far from Kiev and Trypillya in Sakhnovka (Cherkasy region) on the banks of the river Ros there is another Devich Mountain.

Here was found a golden plate with the image of the festival in honor of a female deity of the Scythians. And still now on its top there are three crosses, like a symbol of the trinitarian (triple) Goddess, bringing her energy of the sacred space to the present time. I should also mention of the Grandmother Mountain (Babyna Gora) and the settlement close to Zarubintsy (Cherkasy region). Here are found the burial of baby skulls. And the ritual supplies, as in conventional burials, were not here. Most likely the children were from some local war that had invaded the sanctuary. These are the secrets of ancient priestesses of these divinities called Goddess.

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