@srdceleva when I see American protestants I get the same impression you describe, it’s all about community and friendship, which isn’t wrong by me. Here it’s different when I was going to church (Sunday school) I developed pretty strong relationship with God (well, obviously not strong enough). It was nothing alike protestants I see in US media and films, except for Christmas, when we would sing a lot similarly to them. Our liturgy is in many ways similar to Orthodox one, we even had comparison once, it has all the same things, only in different order and Orthodox priest can choose to make his sermon about what ever he wants, while our priests kind of have to stand on the subject connected to current year period/holiday. On Karpivna’s original comment have fun with old people, that would be pretty much correct for our church too.
legitimate history?
@Karpivna I feel that way in my church even now, but I guess that’s only cause of childhood memories.

Anyway Orthodox churches and liturgy certainly have something romantic about them, they do exactly what they’re meant to-impress, amaze, make you feel small and respectful. I go to Orthodox liturgy once a year for my mother’s family slava.


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