I don’t go to church for music and friends like Protestants, I go to develope my relationship with God and myself as a person.

I developed pretty strong relationship with God (well, obviously not strong enough).

My relationship with God has not been the best lately, I have to admit.

It’s a concept called “right eating,” eating the right foods at the right times in the right amounts for the right reason

I always eat the right (read delicious) foods at the right times (a few times a day) in the right amounts (canapé won’t do) for the right reason (to not be hungry).

because ultimately you’re working toward getting into the kingdom of heaven

Last time we had monarchy it wasn’t perfect at all. I’ll have to find a democratic heaven, if there is any.

I do mean the building and the interior atmosphere.

Don’t get me wrong, I would like to attend church, but sadly there are no black churches in my country.



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