@Karpivna While I shaped it like a question, it really wasn’t. It’s just a reference to the theological/psychological differences in our view of what a church is (or should be). For some people it’s a magnificent, awe-inspiring building (even if it’s not a cathedral), while for others it’s a living being, a community. As someone who was raised in a very active Protestant environment, I am definitely of the latter opinion (the impressive buildings tend to remind me of the whitewashed tombs Jesus was talking about, while the Church as the community of Christians (similarly to the umma in Islam) can be referenced multiple times in the Bible). Though, of course, I admit that I also like going to an Orthodox church for the peace one can more easily feel there (as long as it’s not during a liturgy in my village church, where only a few grannies gather to whisper and judge during the service about who is who, who wears what and who’s made what (bread etc)).

Btw, one of the theologians from our church eventually went on and formed a unitarian church, together with an Orthodox and a Catholic priest, where they try to “make peace” between the rites of the three denominations. I’ve been quite curious about visiting, but for some reason never have.. yet.

P.S. There is indeed a substantial difference between (most) European Protestants and (some) American ones.


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