They always have big barbecue dinners after services.

Sounds good to me.

They would make you feel very special. Seriously.

Of course I would feel special. I would be the only “caucasian” in the building.

I can see your “homegoing” service now.

No, thanks. I’ll pass.


Btw, one of the theologians from our church eventually went on and
formed a unitarian church, together with an Orthodox and a Catholic
priest, where they try to “make peace” between the rites of the three

There’s no point in making unitarian churches. I’m not a theologian, but I can tell you there’s one big unitarian “church” already, that “makes peace” between all people on planet Earth. It’s called nature. We should all unite and stop polluting our environment.

The first religion ever was animism. People believed that everything in the nature has a soul (or that it’s alive) and they worshiped it (let it be an animal, a rock, a river or a tree).
They worshiped Sun, even though they didn’t know how important its energy is for our planet and therefore to us.
Today, Christians would call you a pagan, because they would see you as just a worshiper of Apollo or Helios.
There are still indigenous tribes that practice animism, or rather shamanism, which involves a George Clinton looking drugged elder that makes the portal between earthly world and spiritual world. It’s interesting to see that peoples, which didn’t evolve from stone age also didn’t evolve that much when it comes to their religion.
Nature is more important to us than a mystical deity somewhere in a spiritual world.

If you believe in unearthly gods and that our time on Earth is limited, but our soul will live on somewhere else after death and you think the life down here is not that important as the upcoming one, then I have to remind you… This is the place where we are born. This is the place we love and know. If we leave devastated nature for future generations, what will their lives be like? Will they love it too? Will people love to live in an environment full of diseases, toxic food and contaminated rivers in which people once loved to swim before pools with chlorinated water were invented? And what will happen if we completely destroy our environment? Where will another souls live?

In my (humble) opinion nature and earthly life is FAR MORE IMPORTANT than whatever that follows next!
OK, I should stop. I feel like a preacher now. :D


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