But why don’t people say “Thank you, Sun, for keeping me in temperatures in which I’m able to live. Enjoy your night behind the horizon.” or “Thank you, trees, for letting me breathe.” and so on? We rather make furniture out of them and much of it ends up on junkyards anyway. It’s a matter of time when we destroy all rainforests.

main reason why the majority of the rainforests on Earth have
disappeared and lost forever is due to the insatiable human demand for
wood and arable land. The worst part is, that if deforestation continues
at this same rate, the percentage of rainforests could go down to only
6%. “The
reasons for plundering rain forests are mainly economic. Wealthy
nations drive demand for tropical timber, and cash-strapped governments
often grant logging concessions at a fraction of the land’s true value.

biggest rainforest in the entire globe, The Amazon Rainforest, is
slowly disappearing too, as a result of way too much human interaction.
The Amazon Rainforest gives us approximately 20% of the oxygen we
breathe and around 60% of the fresh water we use. If the Amazon were to
disappear completely, let’s just say that our entire existence would be
hanging from a thread. It is also estimated that if we don’t take action
right now, 40% of the Amazon Rainforest will be gone by 2050

If someone rather worships supernatural deities instead of very natural nature, then I say “their religion is useless”.


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