I am in detention in Australia,l came here with mum and dad in,1963 as a 2 year old,because l spent more than 12 months in prison they now are deporting me,all my family is here,lam from supetar brač,lgave birth certificate to Sydney consulate general and they said it can take a few months,it has been 10 months now and nobody wants to help me,lam Croatian citizen l was never a Australian citizen lwas here on permanent residence visa which was cancelled  in February 2017.The Croatian prime minister gave Croatian citizenship  to the singer Lords(Ella Yellich)her grandmother was born in  croatia,her mother never set foot in croatia,she was given citizenship after waiting 4 weeks,why because she has money.lam told l could be here in Australian immigration detention centre,How it can take almost a year now and still no closer to going back to my country,can anyone in the ministry of interior help me to get back to croatia,l am58 years old speak perfect Croatian not like that singer Lorde born in new zealand and can not speak a word of Croatian.It seems if people have money they can buy anything even citizenships,We should all be equal money or no money,please can someone help me get back to my birth country Croatia as soon as possible.Sydney consulate told me l can wait up to 2 half years before l get back to split,thankyou to all for your help.my name I s Frane Petrinovič my address is 15 Birmingham  avenue Villawood 2163 NSW, Detention Centre area blaxlan


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