Why does it take up to 2half years to get registered for Croatian citizenship and to get all paperwork finished,is there a easier way for this to be done a lot quicker,l gave them original birth certificate 2 months old from split,states on it born supetar hospital,mother and father’s name both Croatians,father went back to mirča and died and buried in 1980  mirča cemetary,my mum is still in Sydney Australia since 1963 when we first arrived here,Australia has cancelled my visa so l am to be deported back to my birth country,why is the ministry of interior in Croatia taking there time and the croatian consulate general in sydney is about as helpful as putting petrol on a fire,why they can’t issue me with travel documents just to get back to croatia.l want to get back home to see my godmother before she passes away,l have served my sentence but l am in detention centre its worse than prison all because people are taking three time in getting my documents together,can someone out here please help me to get back to my country Croatia,thanku all.


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