I think it’s also relatively common for people with OCD to anthropomorphize their possessions (and thus feel bad about neglecting them or throwing them away). Which brings me back to my view that OCD was probably the origin of many/most superstitions and thus, by extension, of many primitive religious cults. Obviously not all, of course – the cargo cults are somewhat logical, while organized religions… well, that’s obvious.

@”Kapitán Denis”
From a Christian perspective, worshiping nature would be worshiping creation instead of the Creator. Although, of course, according to Christianity, this world has been given to us not only to make use of it, but also to take care of it, so at least in the nature-preservation part it would (or should) agree with you.
Then again, some dualist sects, like our old Bogomils and their various incarnations (Cathars etc) believed that absolutely everything in this world was created by the Devil (and God created only the soul and the Sun, IIRC), thus we are to reject this world and, naturally, the flesh in particular. I think if those people existed today (the massively converted to Catholicism and/or Islam during the Ottoman times, IIRC), they wouldn’t be very moved by your ideas. Reminds me of one character I had once written for one mod…

Btw, since we’re on the religious topic again, has anyone read C. S. Lewis’ Christian works, the Space Trilogy in particular (though even the Chronicles of Narnia, especially the first one, had some quite strong Christian allegories)? I found it quite interesting (especially the first book, Out of the Silent Planet), particularly in regard to Christianity’s (possible) views not only on nature, but also on extraterrestrial life.


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