Mate the new law in Australia is if u spend 12 months or over in prison and your not Aussie citizen then they deport u back to birth country,l was in prison for bank robberies,finished my sentence then brang me to villawood detention centre,as l have no Aussie visa any more,l contact the consulate general in Sydney at least every fortnight,they are very UN helpful,they just tell me everything takes time in Croatia,l was hoping someone would know someone in government or in ministry,how is it right that l have finished my prison sentence yet l have to stay in detention centre maybe up to 2 years.My family offered to put up to 200,000 euros as a bail so l can live with family until my paperwork is ready.This immigration minister in Australia is the worst ever,l came here with mum and dad in1963 as about 2 years old so l was here 55 years,they are deporting  thousands of people because they didn’t become citizens like myself,l am entitled to a Australian pension so l will not cost Croatian people a single kuna,the house that was left to me by my father needs abit of renovations,l will add another 4 rooms to rent out in summer,just need someone in Croatia to help me get there,thanks 4 your time good people.Frame Petrinovic (Petro)


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