Hi everyone!

Thanks for the interesting replies! The name Ikač, is pronounced and written Ikats in Flemish and Dutch. But due to the Flemish dialect an A can be pronounced as O , and a K, becomes in writing (1715-1800) a C.  So Icats or Icots = Ikač etc.
Yes, it was the Habsburg monarchy.  After Spanish rule , Flanders became Austrian until Napoleon.
In Slovakia I found also the name Ikots , however the Slovakians say that must be Tkats…Or Tkots.

You can write it also as  ИКАЧ,  Ikáč, Ikacz…….Can it be of Gipsy origin? The name is so rare….. The where very Roman Catholic.

The first Ikots in Flanders was a soldier (1730)  in the regiment Hoch und Deutschmeister. Could be recruted in Kaschau (Kosice), now Slovakia or Huzst (Ungvar) near Uzjgorod, now Ukraine.



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