“I agree. Europeans taught the world how to practice Christianity. America was founded by a deported religious cult. “

I second this with only minor corrections. America was founded by different groups of Protestant Christians but also by a smaller number of Catholics such as in colonial Maryland. 

Europe at the time was pretty much a religious hell hole with the emergence of the Protestant Reformation. America was an opportunity for Christians to flee semi-theocracies in Europe and start and thrive in their own communities, In fact, I would wager that the majority of colonial settlers came to America for religious reasons. A lot of the Protestant Christians broke away from their particular denomination such as Church of England ( Anglican/Episcopalian) and created new denominations. ( Many denominations is a particular feature of Protestant Christianity since Protestants have little tradition and Church authority -there are some exceptions like Anglicans and some Lutherans- to mediate and fall back on like Catholics and Orthodox. Protestants claim their authority is the Bible but they can never agree upon a universal interpretation of it. So if two Protestant Christians disagree over interpretation such as baptism ( like Baptists) they can simply create their own churches as there is no recognized authority to mediate and keep things together ( Catholics have the Papacy and Magisterium for this and Orthodox have their bishops and patriarchs) 


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