“The name could come to Serbia and Croatia with the arrival of Slovaks and Rusyns.
In Vojvodina, Serbia they still speak their own dialects, which are official languages (among others) in the region”.

Kapitan Denis, this is exactly what I thought. The family name “Ikats,Icots” came originaly from Slovaks or Rusyns.
Than moved to the south.
For me this answer is very important. It proves that the name is indeed from Slavic origin. Very sad that my father passed away some years ago, he should have known that one of his anscestors came from the East..  He loved the music from the east of Europe. Many records he sampled with folkmusic from Russia,Ukraine,Hungary.. In Holland-Belgium at that time in1935 the Hungarian music was very popular.

I always wanted to study Hungarian, but I decided to study Russian.

Than I was interpretator at a folk festival in Holland and met (East) Slovak music from Hummene , that was an eyeopener for me. The music preformed, sounded exactly as Hungarian , but the words where in Slavic Slovakian!  I love that music. I understand Russian very good , so I can understand a little Slovakian too.
That is my humble opinion.   

Everyone asked me overhere, why are you so interested in “the East” of Europe and in Russian,Ukrainian?  Now I know why :-)  


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