Americans…to foreigners we can be a bit of a contradiction. Seems that we’re either fat, soft, and effeminate, or gun-obsessed warmongering cowboys. Either way we’re very uneducated, and we eat ONLY McDonald’s and other fast food. Not a single American knows how to cook, or even eats at decent restaurants. None of us knows more than one language, or has any connection to our roots. We’re a country of chubby, decadent transsexuals or protestant war-machines bent on making the entire world “more America”. 

To us, at least the right-leaning Americans, we’re the greatest goddamned thing that has ever happened to civilization. Our military is perfect, can do no wrong, and should be venerated to near-godhood. Not sainthood, ‘cuz that would mean we’d be like the filthy Catholics. Our food is the best – the south gifted the world BBQ, New York has the world’s best pizza, Texas took Mexican food and just made it better – and even McDonald’s is better than that weird foreign trash y’all suck down. Oh, and every single person even VISITING this country should speak ONLY English – and the American way, by God! *cue the screaming of a thousand bald eagles and the firing of millions of AR-15’s*

Oh, and though they hate brown people and think the Natives should stop complaining, those same Americans described above absolutely insist that they have a great grandmother who was Native American, and a Cherokee princess at that.


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