Thank you all very much for the interesting replies! Folkdances and Verbunk :-)

@ Dusan

At the time the soldier Ikats (Ikots) came to the low countries approx. After 1711 his compagnie “visited” al lot of places. The where a lot of battles goining on in the low countries specially in the south (now called Belgium).
His unit was only 16 years in western europe. In 1731 they left again.

He baptised his childern in the Roman Catholic Church in a little town in Brabant. He had no choice , because there were no Greek Orthodox Churches or parishes in the low countries in that time. So when I say “they where very Catholic”, I mean my grandmothers family, but it will not rule out the fact, that the Ikats family was Greek Orthodox when they came to Flanders in 1715.
I also think he was first a kuruc soldier…. Many former kuruc soldiers of the Rákóczi Uprising joined the Habsburg army after 1711.


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