@”Kapitán Denis” >Just to add: we went to a laser game with my father and his Hungarian crush and her sisters. Then we went to a local pub and got drunk. Life is struggle.

Totally HYGGE! 

@aaaaa >IMO, that’s not who’s happiest, but who’s whiniest. And Slavs seem to be pretty whiny overall.

My mother related a story about my Ukrainian grandfather today. She said when he came home from Orthodox church on Sundays, she would always ask, “How was church? Did you see John and Caroline?” Instead of Ukrainian grandfather saying, “Church great! Ivan and Karolina fine!,” he would say something like,”Ya, I see Ivan and Fat Pig at church. If I had to wake up to Fat Pig every morning I die! Why Ivan marry her? Bah!!” 

My mother was like, “Umm, okay. Maybe I shouldn’t have asked.” (My grandfather and Great-Aunt Karolina obviously did not get along. She was bossy.) 

I have more like this. :D



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