Palagovski and Rex

I am a Macedonian and have always regarded myself as Greek. I can trace my
roots in Macedonia
back for seven generations. My wife is from Bitola / Monastiri.

I asked my wifes Grandmother who is 90 years of age. Babba when you were a
young girl was there any Macedonian Schools in Bitola. Her reply………there was only Greek and
Bulgarian schools. My older brothers went to a Greek school and later my
youngest brother to a Bulgarian school.

WHY didn’t they go to a Macedonian school……..the answer ???????? I don’t think
there were any.

My friend speak to some of the old folks in Kostur and Mala Prespa regions of
Aegean Macedonia and they will verify that they were either Bulgarian or Greek.

As a matter of fact I’m not to fussed about the name as long as the Slav Macs
claim their Slavic ancestry. It really pisses me off when they claim to be
related to the Macedonians of Antiquity.

due to the mix of ethnicities in the region due to the Turkic invasions I’m
sure that people caught up on boarder alterations developed a different
language from their forefathers.

key issue here however is about what the ancients claimed to be (Greek) what
language they spoke (Greek) all these claims I’m making are written facts from
ancient sources. For all I know my ancestors were probably Bulgars/Turks/Greeks
etc that is not the point.  The point is
what were the MACEDONIANS (GREEK).

If and when the Slav Macs declare the Hellenisms of the Macedonians of antiquity
as the academic world has done for centuries, the majority of Greece will not
have a problem accepting our Slavic / Macedonian brothers.

Filip you are trying really hard to prove that the Macedonians weren’t Greek,
but you haven’t given one shread of evidence that they were Slavs.

I ask you this:  The ancestor of
macedonians was Makednos who was the son of the king of Arcadia Likaona. Do you
know where Arcadia

Prometheus has a son. His name was Deukalion. Deulakion had 3 sons: Achaios,
Aiolos and Xouthos. From Achaios and Aiolos became the achainian and aiolian
race. From the sons of Xouthos: Doro and Iona
came the Dorian and Ionian race. These 4 races “create” the Hellenic nation.

Could you please tell me or show me an ancient Macedonian inscription which is
written by the language that you speak in Fyrom?

Why were all the Macedonian names and ancient monuments in the Greek language?

Why did Alexander have a Greek name and not Slavic?

Why were the Greek GODS on Macedonian soil?

Why does the Bible refer to Thesaloniki and not Solun?

Why! Why! Why!

Why do the founders of ROM declare their Bulgarianism (ie Kriste Misirkov)ect.

Why did the Macedonia
times write the following:

It is true that “the Giant (Misirkov)” declared himself as a
Bulgarian, while Goce wrote in Bulgarian. Most probably many of our ancestors
felt Bulgarian, Greek or Serbian. There is no reason to hide this or to be
ashamed of this.

Why did Alexander the 1 declare himself a Hellene?

Do me a favour ask your grandfather what church he went too in Macedonia prior
to 1944? I bet he was affiliated to the Greek or Bulgarian one.

The modern Greeks speak the same language as the ancient Greeks which includes Macedonia, Sparta,
Epiros etc.   I admit that the modern language was since
refined but the root words are the same, its got the same foundation… the
people speak a derivative of ancient Greek. This friend gives us the right to
call ourselves Greek.

In the Slav Macedonian case you claim to be Macedonian yet you denounce the
Ancient Macedonian language (Greek). This is well documented and accepted
amongst the intellectual community.

And don’t forget ask your grandparents what church they went too. I don’t want
to hear crap such as the Turks didn’t allow the poor Macedonian to have a
church that is why we were forced to go to a Greek or Bulgarian church.


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