I might try to get into EU4 after this. As NikeBG mentioned, it’s a complex game.
Anyway, I successfully converted to orthodox Christianity and the Ecu Patriarch is Bulgarian – why? Well because the Byzantines are iconoclast and I got to reinstate him through a mission. What’s more, I can holy war almost all of Anatolia from them should I wish to. King Krum is still kicking, although without an arm and a leg. He’s almost 70 though, so will soon die, which is why I’m trying to set my stuff in order. Being christian helps a lot with bullying and opressing your tribal and pagan subjects, because noone cares. Even so, I might not be able to whip them into shape in time for a succession law change. We’ll see.
Another thing – I can form the Carpathian Empire. Wonder if I should go with that, and forget the Byzantine?
I don’t wanna play empires unless I have the kindom viceroyalties tech – it’s a lot of hassle.
Undecided. What do you think? Even if I screw up royally this has been a sick game so far. I possess one of the swords of Mohammed from all the looting and burning in the ME. My king has 12k prestige :D
I’m pretty confident I can consitently pull great starts with Bulgaria in 769 now. Used to think it was one of the hardest.


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