Man, what a setback. Had 3 civil wars ot top of each other, 2 kings died, lots of resurgent pagans that I had to viciously persecute and disinherit and finally things are looking up again. Current king is kinda midrange, but his nephew holds a lot of prime real estate and is heir. Might wanna go celibate to consolide the holdings again. Then we can resume the conquests. The good thing about all this is that I got rid of most of the Avar and some of the Greek counts and dukes :D There will be no consessions to the minorities in my kingdom, I can tell you that much. Oh, and Panonia of course split off, but my border dukes have been busy reabsorbing it of their own accord. Also, lost all my money paying for mercenaries. Best cash cows for christians I’ve found, besides giving the smakdown to attacking heathens are criminal mayors and bishops. Revoke their titles and banish them for extra cash. It’s awsome cos the corrupt ones also have tons of cash.
Important to revoke first, banish second – that way you don’t get a penalty with the rest of your vassals for being prudent.


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