The last 4 years since Merkel called “Wir schaffen das” it became a mess in Germany, Holland , Belgium.
I am not against foreigh people at all I speak 4 languages. Since 1945 (war) we have in Holland a house problem. In the 1950 ,2 million Dutch emigrated to Canada , USA and Australia. Because they where “ordered” to from the government. They was no future and housing for them in Holland. In the 60 we in Holland needed foreigh workers, because “the Dutch” did not want to do the “dirty” work. (A lie). This is what the “left” is telling us.  So they (big capitalists) hired people temporarely from Morroco and Turkey.  However those people stayed. Family rejoined.  And now Rotterdam is 52% islamic. Den Haag (The Hague) 50%, Amsterdam 55% . Bye bye tolerant Dutch state and people.
I am not against those people as a privat person. I can understand them very well. They came and where invited to our welfare state. Those stupid Dutch and German politicians let it go, because it was cheap labour. Now we poor (no money) Dutch thanks to this stupid mostly EU politicians have to wait 10 years for a decent social house and the “immigrant” waits only 5 months. That is no cheap retoric, it is how it is. Thats why I made this topic. To awaken you.


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