Weather Goddess: Ślaska-Dzdża
by Miron via https://wiaraprzyrodzona.wordpress.com

Goddess Ślaska-Dzdża is the daughter of Wady and Wodo-Welma. She is the Goddess of Waters, Lady of the Rain and Lady of the Waterfalls. Dżdża-Dożda is the Dawczyk of the Rain and deals with all sorts of falling waters, including joining Perperun in Storms and squeezing Rain from Perperuna’s cloudy dark dresses, which allows her to wash the lands and purify them. Goddess Ślaska, also called the Saliva, is nicknamed: Słota, Dżdża and Ducza. The equivalent of Śląkwa is the god of rain Lituvanis. 

The nickname Ducza is associated with the circle meaning falling water: ducza – waterfall, duli, dunąti – drizzle, rain with wind, duja – storm. This reference approaches Ślęża, like Słotek, to the group of the goddesses and gods of Heaven and the Light (Dażbogowie, Denga) and the Air [spirit-air (wozduch), spirit-scent] and Wind (Dyj). The nickname Ducza also refers to the Ritual Dances in the Circle (dujti-to finish). 

Słota means the daughter of the Sołow family, also the Goddess of the Sleeping Rain. The word also describes bad weather, drizzle, constant, continuous rain. The word Russian dos (rainy) specifies a type of drizzle, a continuous rainfall that is systematic, long-lasting, but unpleasant. Dżdża-Dożda is the Dawczyk of the Rain. The main name of the goddess, Ślęża, also has a variety of Śniiąta. Wyrazlinąti is an ancient Slavic term related to pouring water: a line – to pour, pour – fly, rain – pour, pour – not only to flow, but also to expand, plum – to drench, rainstorm, tears.

This is where the name Śląsko (Śląsk, Ślęgia) comes from – Ziemia Deszczów, inhabited by numerous tribes from the Lęgów people (Z-Lęgów), part of Lęgia (Lugia). The Lęgowie were the main worshipers of the Great Goddess of Rain Ślęża. The close relationship with the name of the goddess also has words from the circle to heal, to sob – means to struggle, hurt.

The goddess was probably once, in ancient times, the main goddess of the Lęgów people – the Great Mother, who cared for water, forests, meadows, the entire tribal lands, fertility of animals and plants of the land, and prosperity of the whole people.


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