Propaganda of the prohibition of Easter in Ukraine in Soviet times 1923
Propaganda of the prohibition of Easter in Ukraine in Soviet times, 1923

Soviet pioneers chase their classmates who celebrated Easter  1930s
Soviet pioneers chase their classmates who celebrated Easter. 1930s

Easter in Western Ukraine 1920s
Easter in Western Ukraine, 1920’s

Somewhere in Western Ukraine 1920s
Somewhere in Western Ukraine, 1920s

Easter table in Poltava region 1910s
Easter in Poltava region, 1910s

Easter in Volhynia near Rivne 1920s
Easter in Volhynia region, 1920s

On the eve of the holiday, nothing prevents us from forgetting that Easter is tomorrow. (Orthodox Easter)

To better understand the Ukrainian color and atmosphere of the holiday, we invite readers Volyn24 to migrate to the past and get acquainted with the Easter photo collection of retro pictures from different parts of Ukraine. 

The oldest photographs were made more than a hundred years ago, in the 1910s. 

The photos show different aspects of the holiday, and this is a consecration of baskets, an Easter table and an Easter procession. 

It is known that during Soviet times Easter celebration was forbidden, conducted “irreconcilable struggle against the reactionary remnants of church life and religious dominance in the daily lives of peasants.”

Often teachers in the villages were forced to alternate near the church for Easter and compile lists of villagers who violated the discipline and yet came to the temple. A similar situation was at school, the children were inquired, or burned a passover, painted eggs, were in the church, then information was transferred to the appropriate authorities. 

Very often in the Soviet era, the so-called “Sabbaths” were organized, during which the peasants were forced to work for a holiday. 

Today the Easter traditions are completely restored, and Easter is perhaps the most popular religious holiday on Christmas Eve, which is celebrated by the Lucians. 


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