Meh, that happens here (and in pretty much all non-English countries, actually). Sometimes the names are practically (and even theoretically) untranslatable, or at least would require a very long sentence to translate just a couple words. And sometimes the translators are just high (or were told they’re being fired, so they were just taking a piss the last few days at work).

F.e. here are some Bulgarian examples:
Breaking Bad – В обувките на Сатаната – In Satan’s shoes
21 Jump street – Внедрени в час – Placed [undercover] in class
Cruel intentions – Секс игри – Sex games
Wedding crashers – Ловци на шаферки – Bridesmaid hunters [as in skirt-chasers]
Magic Mike – Професия: Стриптизьор – Profession: Stripper
Legally blonde – Професия блондинка – Profession blonde
A man apart – Кървав прах – Blood dust
Get the Gringo – Как прекарах лятната ваканция – How I spent the summer vacation
– [one of my favourites] The Ring – Предизвестена смърт – Foretold death
Dear John – С дъх на канела – With a scent of cinnamon
Grindhouse – Бибрутално – Bibrutal [that’s not even a word]
Knocked up – Позабременяла – [now that one’s hard to re-translate, it’s something like “Kinda pregnant“; again not a word]
Year one – И Бог създаде мъжа – And God created man
It could happen to you – 2 милиона бакшиш – A 2 million dollar tip
The girl next door – Съседка за секс – A [female] neighbour for sex
Resident evil – Заразно зло – Infectious evil
Ocean’s Eleven – Бандата на Оушън – Ocean’s Band (resp. Ocean’s Band 2 etc)
Kick-ass – Шут в г*за! – Kick in the b*tt!
Deep impact – Смъртоносно влияние – Lethal influence
Money talks – Шум на пари – Noise of money
Deep blue sea – Синята бездна – The blue abyss
The expendables – Непобедимите – The unbeatables
Return to paradise – Форсмажор – Force majeure
Gone baby gone – Жертва на спасение – Victim of salvation/rescue
Blue streak – Ченгето в мен – The cop in me
Flirting with Disaster – Купон с дявола – Party with the devil
The Revenant – Завръщането – The return
Daddy’s home – Баща в излишък – Dad in excess
The intern – Обратно в играта – Back in the game

While sometimes it’s left pretty much the same, even if it doesn’t mean anything on Bulgaran:
– Interstellar – Интерстелар
– Jurassic part – Джурасик парк
– Star Trek – Стар Трек
– Stargate – Старгейт
– The Divergent series – Дивергенти
– Transporter – Транспортер
– Trainspotting – Трейнспотинг
– Podzemlje [Kusturica’s Underground] – Ъндърграунд


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