@aaaaa Eh, Christian burial is definitely different from Pagan Slavic in that the latter (or at least the ones in our lands, I’m not certain about the others) indeed mostly practiced cremation (it’s one of the basic archaeological differences between Slavs and Bulgars in the first centuries of the state). Funnily enough, when they stopped doing that (due to the conversion), vampires appeared.

Btw, @Strannik16 (hah, I used Strannik as a nickname once, too), if you haven’t already, you’ll probably meet a description by Ibn Fadlan about a Rus funeral, which some Slavic neo-Pagans consider to be a Slavic ritual. However, most scholars consider it to be indeed Rus, i.e. Viking/Varangian, i.e. Nordic and thus it should, at the very least, not be taken at face value as a “Slavic funeral rite”.


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