@Dušan that’s a double diminutive.
versions of rezati in Bulgarian:
pod-rezati – prune trees
ob-rezati – circumcise
ot-rezati – cut off
po-rezati – nick (one’s finger)
raz-rezati – cut in halves/slices/pieces
za-rezati – abandon
v- rezati – collide
o-rezati – strip/censor/cut parts of

If it’s different in your language, you’re doing it wrong.

Also there’s a slew of names that sound funny to Bulgarians.
Like Beloguev for example (everyone knows Russians say “g” instead of “h”, even when laughing, ga ga ga) or the aforementioned Belokurov.
But of the legit names I think Bai Hui takes the crown. Mostly because it’s an actual chinese name.


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