@srdceleva Oh, and guess what. Hospoda means pub in Czech. :D 

In Slovak the closest word would be hostinec (inn, tavern, pub…).
It’s derived from word hosť (guest).

Hospodin/hospodár is derived from hosť (reconstructed as *gostь in Proto-Slavic).


From earlier *gostьpodь, a compound of *gostь and the unreconstructible *podь. The only direct Indo-European cognate is Latin hospes (“guest, visitor; host, entertainer”), which would render the supposed Proto-Indo-European reconstruction as *gʰost(i)potis, a compound of *gʰóstis and *pótis.

Oh, I’d like to add. The word hosť comes from PIE *gʰóstis.


Possibly from *gʰes- (“to eat”) +‎ *-tis (compare Sanskrit घसति (ghasati), Avestan ??? (gah, “to eat, to gorge”)).

Slovak words hostina and hody or hodovať (verb), which are cognates with word hosť, fit the description of word feast:

a large meal, typically a celebratory one.

It’s amazing! <3


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