interesting how host in slovak and other languages is like a guest where as in English host is the exact opposite.

Don’t you think words host and guest are kinda related and so words hosť and guest are related? They’re almost the same.
Slovak word hostiteľ means host.


From Middle English hoste, borrowed fromOld French oste (French: hôte), from Latin hospitem, accusative of hospes (“a host, also a sojourner, visitor, guest; hence, a foreigner, a stranger”), from Proto-Indo-European *gʰóspot- (“master of guests”), from *gʰóstis (“stranger, guest, enemy”) and *pótis (“owner, master, host, husband”). Used in English since 13th century.


From Middle English gest, from Old Norsegestr, which replaced or was merged with Old English ġiest, both from Proto-Germanic *gastiz, from Proto-Indo-European *gʰóstis(“stranger, guest, host, someone with whom one has reciprocal duties of hospitality”). Doublet of host.


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