I’m not aware of any traditional knives, but in my region men used to wear wire instead of belts and laces around their pants when going to kafanas and trade fairs. Wire, unlike a lace stops the knife and that’s how you end up with only a stab wound and not your guts spilled all over the place. But that some two generations ago I think. Most popular knives for such activities are knives with foldable blades. Everyone here still has some kind of foldable blades, often people keep it in cars or (rarely) carry it because of it’s practicality. We call it brica (long i) from britva (straight razor, short i), in Bosnia it’s čakija, I don’t know for other regions. So there is definitely some kind of knife culture here. old fashioned brica:

Other than that only knives that come to my mind are the ones used for slaughtering pigs and meat processing.
@NikeBG isn’t that karakulak just a yatagan?


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