On this video, Russian feels furthest from my ear. I understood all the languages, but Russian and Belarusian are the strangest, although Belarusian sounds the best out of Eastern Slavic languages. 
I like how Serbian, Croatian and Bosnian used synonyms and word order just to be different, while any of those could be identified as any of the “three” languages. btw original Serbian translation of the bible was in jekavian dialect, later Synod of SOC revised it and changed it to ekavian. This one is ekavian, but it’s not like in the Serbian Orthodox Bible.

16. Јер Богу тако омиле свет да је и Сина свог Јединородног дао, да ниједан који Га верује не погине, него да има живот вечни.

17. Јер Бог не посла Сина свог на свет да суди свету, него да се свет спасе кроза Њ.

16. Jer Bogu tako omile svet da je i Sina svog Jedinorodnog dao, da nijedan koji Ga veruje ne pogine, nego da ima život večni.

17. Jer Bog ne posla Sina svog na svet da sudi svetu, nego da se svet spase kroza Nj.

No Serbian speaker would construct sentences this way, even if they tried to speak archaically. It’s just weird, especially this koji Ga veruje instead of regular koji veruje u Njega.


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