>Do other large European cities have nude statues on display in public
areas? There are many nude pieces of artwork in museums, where such
displays are common and viewership can be controlled to adults only. In
my small conservative town, nude statues would not be allowed.  Plus,
there is the risk of inappropriate vandalism to the nude figures. I’m
sure you can imagine

There’s plenty of nudity in cities and museums around Europe including Belarus. In Maladziečna regional town, we have some babushki brought up during Soviet era, who were concerned that children could see something they should not see. The statue is placed in the centre of the town.

These Babushki probably remember the days (70-80 years ago) when their siblings , cousins and other relatives (boys) under 7 were taken to traditional Belarusian saunas  together with women.  It was common in rural European communities in those days. Boys saw women’s naked bodies. What’s wrong?  The designer of the statue was polite trying to keep everyone happy in the community of the town. It’s no big deal if breasts of the girl on statue are shownor slightly covered with her hair.


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