I’m not sure how this thread topic became a discussion of belly buttons – btw do you have an innie or outie – mine’s an innie.  :D

Anyway, I picked up this book yesterday. I think everyone should read it. I’ve just started it. 

Religion by Leszek Kolakowski (St. Augustine’s, $18). In this small masterpiece, a great Polish philosopher offers a short exploration of the major dilemmas in religious thought: the problem of evil, the tension between mysticism and morality, the question of faith’s compatibility with reason. Written from a perspective friendly to religion but also skeptical and searching, it’s a great introduction to the philosophy of religion.

In Poland, Kołakowski is not only revered as a philosopher and historian of ideas, but also as an icon for opponents of communism. Adam Michnik has called Kołakowski “one of the most prominent creators of contemporary Polish culture.”

“If God does not exist, then everything is permitted” ~ Nietsche 


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