Suffixes give a distinct sound to the language. This is the case in all European languages. Italian is clearly  distinguishable by it’s -tti, -o, ci, suffixes. Slavic languages by -ov/ova, ič etc. Greek by -is, -as. Lithuanian clearly resembles Greek in this regard and I hear it in their speech as well. I didn’t say they are identical just that something about lithuanian reminds me of Greek or am I not entitled to my own American opinion?  :D though I’ve been to three different continents and speak 4 languages at different levels I guess I count as ignorant because I’m American. 

Also I don’t know what’s the significance of your name being common in lithuania. My last name is literally present among those basketball players just without the Lithuanian suffix. My last name is a pinecone in North Slavic languages. You can guess which one it is  :D 


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