Gender and your chromosomes are inseperable. Anyone who denies this is a lunatic and the new definitions about gender are completely fabricated. It would be ridiculous to put someones chromosomes on a document and not male or female. That’s what would be politically correct. 

Any society that tells people the sky is red when it’s blue is a danger to itself. What is legally recognized as a valid marriage has a massive affect on how society is carried out and on what it accepts as normal and good. A society that holds a fruitless relationship as equal to a relationship which is the reason for all of human existence is a failing and self destructing society and frankly dangerous. Politically correct is just saying it doesn’t affect me let everyone do what they want. Nobody is not letting people do what they want, being gay shouldnt be outlawed and isn’t in most countries. Saying that two men or two women can be married and allowing them to adopt children not only affects the adopted children though but forces me to legally recognize their perversion. In the u.s and Western Europe you can literally be fired from work if you openly don’t support gay marriage. How does this not affect us? 

Putin is smart in outlawing gay propoganda and supporting traditional families. Russia is the only country in all of Europe (maybe poland as well?)to reverse it’s birth rate which has been rising the past three years. This isn’t a coincidence.


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