@srdceleva you misunderstood me. I meant legal definitions and laws that come out of it. Both homosexuals and transgender people have disorders, that’s undisputed, the point is do those disorders make them dysfunctional members of society. I wouldn’t say so for homosexuals, transgender people on the other hand have different ideas of what should be their rights and how their condition should be treated by society. This was my point, if their “being in the wrong body” is seen as legitimate condition by the law, cosmetic operations they require would probably be covered by healthcare, that is taxpayer’s money. I don’t care if someone wants pseudocock or pseudovag and unnecessary hormone therapy, but I’m not paying for it :) 

I understand that concept of marriage is very important to you, I’m sure everybody on the forum do :) But we live in secular societies, marriage is nothing but a civil union of two citizens under the law, what is it to you who will be those two citizens (or if there are more of them)? I don’t literally mean doesn’t affect you, I mean it doesn’t hurt anyone if society. How has your life changed since legalization of gay marriage? Have your stances changed? Has anyone you know become gay? Homosexuality is a disorder naturally occurring in mammal species, if I remember correctly for humans it’s 5%-10%, most gays have straight parents. I agree there’s too much propaganda, but if you ask me there’s too much of any kind of propaganda. As South Park already said the ads are becoming smarter. Considering free speech in the last part of your comment, I think I wrote on that extensively on another thread about that and I think I made it pretty clear that people should have the right to say whatever they want, to refuse services and not to support what ever they don’t want to.

Considering people with opposite genitals to their gender, it’s called AIS.

@aaaaa haven’t we gone over this multiple times?


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