@srdceleva so sterile people shouldn’t be allowed to marry? It’s not like straight people need a permit to conceive a child, there are plenty of worse (by your definitions) destinies for a child than gay parents, spending entire childhood in an orphanage is one of them. It’s not like we’re closing down orphanages, there are a lot of children who need families. What are dangers of homosexuality as a disorder? What are it’s dangerous symptoms? Basis for society is pretty simple – strength is in numbers, that’s why we formed  tribes, states etc. We agreed to certain rules and norms and gave up some personal freedoms for safety (sounds familiar), but that’s not the subject here.

I never got that deep into that problem, but when I read this I started googling it. Turns out exclusive homosexuality is indeed extremely rare so far it was confirmed only in humans and sheep. I didn’t check the numbers, I know 5% was somewhere in there.


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