There are more parents wanting to adopt children than there are children to be adopted. That is a fact, people dont realize that but thats the way it is. Humans arent dogs or cats there arent just millions and millions of orphans, and the straight parents who want to adopt them are literally being denied children so that a certain percentage of gays can adopt them. You dont think a child needs a male and female role model in the house?  You think a mother should be allowed to marry her biological son? (this literally happens). Incest doesn’t hurt anyone so what’s the problem with it. It’s dangerous when society accepts things that are blatantly wrong and brainwashes everyone into believe that its normal, that is what communists tried to do and they failed miserably. If a government tells all of its citizens that the sky is red when its blue, and has people fired from work if they deny this, I dont want to live in that society because its dangerous. Its like one bad case of the emperor has no clothes. 


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